Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a small kitchen you know that it is a nightmare to prepare your meals. No room for the cutting board, no room to spread all the produce out. Here are some essential tools that will help you use your small kitchen more efficiently. 

  • A food processor. This is the tool that will do almost everything for you. A large cup food processor is extremely handy if you have a big family to feed or like baking large cakes but don’t underestimate a regular sized food processor could be used for! 
  • A multifunctional cooker. This is a life saver. I use it every day an
  • soup-vegetables-pot-cookingd it saves me so much time and hassle. This is an electric pot basically that can be used as a pan, as a pot and as an oven. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can get the perfect one for your kitchen size. You will cook everything in it! Best part? You only need to wash one pot after the food is done.
  • Kettle. Assuming you still don’t have one? Electric kettles are the best inventions, period. It is definitely an essential small appliance. You don’t think it is necessary but after getting it you realise that you use it all the time, more than any other tool in the kitchen. It is calculated to be more energy efficient than boiling water on the stove and so much faster. 

Here are the top 3 kitchen appliances that I personally couldn’t function efficiently at all. I hope it helps with the setup of your new and improved kitchen. It is very important to think it through to have no worries while preparing your favourite meals. Never underestimate how useful kitchen tools are!